About Mr. Bench Press

So, if you are here, you are probably wanting to know more about us. The short story is that we are a small company that simply LOVES everything Health & Fitness.

After 30 plus years of training, coaching and researching cutting edge health & fitness tactics and strategies, I decided to launch this company and help others with what I have learned.

This is has become more than just a hobby for me. It’s now my life’s work. I’m convinced that health & fitness through strength training CONSISTENTLY brings rewards in every area of your life.

After learning how to train strength with perfect form and keep a supportive diet for growth long term, I can now consistently improve my mind and body. This has helped my business, my sense of well being and most importantly the relationships with my wife and family.

I’m dedicated to daily testing and tweaking the most cutting edge health & fitness research. My goal is for you to be the best that you can be after learning what I’ve learned. If I can achieve that for you then my life is most rewarded.

Stay tuned to this site for everything related to the best bench press tips, tricks and tactics you’ve ever seen.

Here’s to the greatest pec potential you’ve ever unleashed.


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Jim Jackson | Mr. Bench Press